TEN top tips to make babywearing easy!

February 11, 2019

Babywearing is an amazing experience for both parents and babies and a little bit of research, preparation and practice can help you both to enjoy your babywearing experience much more. Here are our top ten tips for getting your babywearing right!

1. If you can, try on some carriers or visit a workshop or sling library before you buy to get an idea of what baby carrier styles or features may be important to you. Making an informed choice goes a long way to starting you off on the right foot. Speak to other parents about features they find useful and have in mind what you will want to do i our carrier.

2. Get familiar with your carrier ahead of time. Before baby comes, or before you put baby in, take the carrier out of the box and become familiar with the features. Watch some tutorial videos and get familiar with the basics like how to buckle the waist, and put the carrier on confidently.

3. The first time you want to try your baby in the carrier make sure that they are fed, clean and happy.

4. Stay calm. This can be hard when you’re nervous and just getting started. Babies are very clever and quickly pick up on our nervousness, calm parents make for calmer babies.

5. Move, move move. Babies need movement to calm their bodies. It’s what they’re used to in the womb, and then when they’re born we stand and make small movements or pat instead of the larger movements they’re used to. Don’t be afraid to start walking briskly or experiment with a babywearing workout like CARiFiT.

6. Talk to baby, reassure them with your voice. Your voice is calming to them, and let’s them know everything is okay. It’s also really beneficial for their brain growth, expressive and receptive language.

7. Get outside, change the scenery. This can be a great way to vary what baby is seeing and the fresh air is beneficial to you both. It doesn’t have to be a big outing, a walk around the block will generally suffice.

8. Practice, make perfect. It’s a new skill, that may be unfamiliar to you both. Using the carrier for you and baby is muscle memory. If you’re not successful, go back to it another time, it is worth sticking with because once it clicks it is truly magical for you both.

9. Know that throughout different ages/stages, the babywearing relationship changes. Just like sleep and feeding. Your positions in the carrier, or even carrier styles may change depending on your or the baby’s needs.

10. Do not be afraid to seek help or support. There are babywearing educators, as well as babywearing groups and communities located all over the country who are happy to help you troubleshoot your carrier, and give you tips and support along the way for wearing your baby.

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