Restore your core – safely!

February 11, 2019

Your core system of muscles include your diaphragm, pelvic floor and the multifidus of your spine. Your stabilizing muscles that are really important when performing everyday movements – lifting, carrying and cuddling! Learn them on the floor then let’s apply those principals to dynamic movements that will positively impact your life 🙌

Read and understand the below and if you need more support getting started you can learn how to check your tummy gap and much more on our FREE KICKSTART

When you engage your TVA, you will feel a tensing of the broad flat muscle deep down. If your stomach ‘domes’ or pushes outwards, if you’re holding your breath or anything is pushing away, then you’re working the outer abdominal muscles and TVA isn’t doing its thing.

The TVA is part of your core system of muscles, as are your pelvic floor muscles. When you draw TVA inwards, pelvic floor should also lift. Remember, to really work your pelvic floor muscles, it’s a deep lift up inside, not a little lateral squeeze at the front. Imagine drawing up the walls of your vagina and back passage as if you’re picking up a small grape and pulling it up inside you…a strange thought maybe but it does work!!!

The ideal TVA contraction is exhale, draw belly button gently back to spine, draw pelvic floor gently up. Pelvis doesn’t move.

You don’t have to carry on doing TVA isolation exercises. BUT you do have to find it and reconnect brain to muscle and make sure that it is supporting all your other movements and core work properly!


Try this circuit. 10 reps of each move and look out for any doming of your tummy or arching of your back.


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