Postnatal HIIT – Bad idea

February 13, 2019

So you baby has arrived and you are desperate to get back to exercising and looking like you did pre pregnancy. Sorry bad news, you can’t OR at least you shouldn’t. If you are someone that has always enjoyed higher impact style workouts then you need to find a sensible but satisfying alternative for a while.

Things to consider. For the next few months if you remove fitness from the equation your body is chemically and hormonally different from at any other time you have exercised…this is an unavoidable truth. It has done something truly incredible and now it deserves a bit of respect and understanding of that process and the processes that remain.

You have a weakened core and pelvic floor, relaxin in your system and a whole host of not such fun hormonal dips heading your way and a whole new bunch of postural and energy challenges to tackle (Sorry!). Throw in some sleepless nights, breast feeding or not and a whole new routine to get your head around and you are in a whole new world.

Your workouts need to reflect this. They need to happen – we understand more than anyone just how important it is for your physical, mental and emotional well being, now more than ever they need to be specific and appropriate.

CARiFiT workouts do just this, they are low impact – not low intensity and your online program develops in complexity, duration and energy requirement along a sensible postnatal timeline. Our workouts also challenge you to move in some fairly unusual patterns and for a huge rep count…building endurance where new mums need it. By the time you are into MaxFit2 (one of our most popular workouts) in the members area expect to be knocking 700-800 reps out in a 36 min session.

Finally we do one thing no other workout can claim. Because you do it babywearing, your load (baby) gets bigger every session, training your body to always be able to cope with the postural and strength challenges your baby presents day to day…add in some dumbbells and our infamous hoop and you won’t just get fit…you will get CARiFiT.

The obvious benefits of home training, no need to schedule around nap times etc etc are there as well – so CARiFiT addresses all the needs of the postnatal body and addresses your concerns as well. These are very real workouts, you will sweat, your muscles will burn and you will get that incredible post workout high like never before. You will get stronger, leaner, you will burn calories and lose weight if you need to, you will feel fantastic.


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