February 27, 2017

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Good Nutrition


Good nutrition and regular activity is vital to achieving your health and fitness goals.

To understand more about the food groups we have outlined the benefits of the main food groups you should be incorporating into your day.


Think meats, poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds and some grains and pulses. Proteins provide us with building blocks for our bodies cells. Proteins can also have a significant impact on fat loss as they help to control appetite. Proteins have a role in regulating (i.e. keeping level) blood sugar and preventing fat storage and bingeing. They also play a role in how full you feel, as eating protein can release certain appetite controlling hormones.


Not all fat is bad; in fact certain fats are not only healthy but also essential to our health. They support your immune system, hormone production and nervous system. Of course we can have too much of a good thing so it’s important the correct fats are selected in appropriate quantities.

Good fats can be found the following; avocados, almond oil, coconut oil, hummus, brazil nuts, almonds and olives.


In the last few years, Carbs have also picked up a bad reputation. Of course like fats, not all carbs are ‘bad’. In the right quantity many are important to our health and fitness goals. Eating the ‘right’ carbs, in the right amount and at the right time, can help provide us with energy, stimulate muscle growth and can control important hormones that might have a negative effect on fat loss.

The ‘secret’ with any exercise and healthy living plan is maintaining a ‘balanced’ diet that promotes health and wellbeing and gives you energy to exercise.

Good carbohydrate choices can be found in vegetables like broccoli, spinach, asparagus, kale, beetroot (to name a few), long grain rice, sweet potato and quinoa.


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