When can I start doing CARiFiT?

We advise that you can start CARiFiT as soon as you have had your six-week check following a natural birth or your 12-week check following a c-section. You can start sooner than this but we would like to see a doctor’s note.

Is CARiFiT safe to do post birth?

CARiFiT has been created specifically to reflect the needs of a new mum, it has been observed and approved by GPs, Midwives, Physiotherapists and fitness industry experts – so we know that it is a safe and sensible route back to exercise.

Is it safe for my baby?

Absolutely – All of the above health professionals have also approved it is a safe class for your baby – They are comfortable, close and relaxed – the babies love it! CARiFiT is deliberately low impact and encourages could posture and alignment as well as teaching awareness of the key role of your core muscles post birth.

What baby carrier can I use and are they all safe?

In short any, whichever baby carrier, sling or wrap you wear is an incredibly personal choice and certainly not one we will make for you. We have worked closely with babywearing consultants and leading carrier brands to ensure that everything we do is safe and optimised for both mum and baby. All our teachers and and our ViRTUAL program advise that parents learn and follow the TICKS guidance for safe babywearing.

Is it a real workout, will I sweat?

Oh yes, you will sweat, your heart rate will rise and you will feel fantastic afterwards, so bring water and a towel to your class.

What should I wear?

Wear regular workout clothes, CARiFiT is based on 4 principals, Squat, Lunge, Balance and Stretch so it is real workout and as such workout clothes are most appropriate.

Will my baby overheat?

Absolutely not – We do recommend that baby is just in a single layer for the class, they will be soothed and comforted by the rise in your body temperature, and of course this is an indoor class so it won’t be raining!

Are the teachers qualified?

All CARiFiT teachers have industry recognised post natal exercise qualifications and have passed the CARiFiT training course, which is industry accredited, so you are in great hands!

How long does the class take?

The class is 30 minutes long. We know from experience of teaching all over the country that it is a huge help if you can arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start so that we can meet you and answer any questions you might have.