February 5, 2019

Many people wonder about our name – for those in the know it is pretty straight forward i guess but for anyone new to us the probably wonder what the heck is going on and worry that we aren’t very good at spelling!

Let us explain

C – Cardio

A – And

R – Resistance

I – Intervals

So although we do wear our babies throughout our workouts our CARi refers to the structure of our workouts. They are a mixture of Cardio and Resistance interval trainning techniques all designed to improve your core, posture and all round fitness during this most exciting but exhausting time of your life!

Our workouts have been crafted and created by a man with 15 years post natal fitness experience – you are in great hands! He is supported by a team of industry leading fitness professionals as well as top doctors, midwives, physios and babywearing experts…we leave nothing to chance.

All our workouts go through the same process – we create the moves, we test them whilst babywearing, we get them observed by fellow professionals both medical and fitness to ensure they are post natal safe and then we structure them into our amazing workout routines.

We hope you love doing them as much as we love delivering them…

Vern Hill

Founder – CARiFiT


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