CARiFiT Live classes – By The Plant based Bella

November 12, 2018

My journey to CARiFiT and why I tried it out

I turned up to a CARiFiT class at Slice Fitness Studios in Parsons Green  after becoming a little stir crazy at home -workouts at home were great and going to my local gym for some hard cardio classes released some steam and got me well on the way to postpartum fitness but the opportunity to do those Body attack, Insanity or body pump classes came few and far between. I also wasn’t ready to leave Evelyn with a child minder but I was desperate to get a workout in post baby. Furthermore, I knew that most of the exercises in these classes probably weren’t ideal for a brand new mama whose pelvic floor and stomach muscles were about as weak as my will power in resisting anything with chocolate in it!

So, I booked myself onto the class, excited more by the prospect of being able to have Evelyn on board, and in all honesty, to meet a load of other women with babies of a similar age, than really expecting a ‘proper’ workout. To all those other new mums out there, you know what I mean when I say that those first few months post baby are a whirlwind and can often leave you feeling quite lonely. I was relatively young to have Evelyn – most of my school and university friends were still out most weekends, crazy boozy brunches and dinners that started at 9pm – so I needed to branch out and find likeminded women who would be on a similar schedule to me – (socialising at 11am over a STRONG coffee as opposed to downing samba at 11pm!)

So, why was I sceptical about the fitness side of the class? I stayed incredibly active during pregnancy, taking spinning classes right up to 40 weeks – so turning up to some baby & mum class, in all honesty,  didn’t really fill me with much hope of getting sweaty or keep my fitness up – I was certainly not expecting to feel much of a burn or even feel as thought I’d had a workout. HOW WRONG WAS I!! These mamas are not just FIT. They are ‘CARiFiT’ !

Arrogant, clueless and sceptical, I picked up the 5kg weights whilst all the other mums were using 1kg ( in some cases 2kg or 3kg – which in hindsight is amazing!!) and thought to myself – at least I’ll get a bit of an arm workout if nothing else. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! The class is only 30 mins, again playing into my scepticism – seriously, how much of a workout can you get in without being able to run, do any high impact exercise, and in only 30 mins? Answer… A LOT!

Vern, who has since become my go to postpartum fitness guru, welcomed me to the class, got me set up and watched over me carefully, checking on form & continually checking Evelyn was OK in my little pouch. (even carrying her at the end whilst I did my stretches)

The class entails a whole load of squatting, arm raises, over head presses, lunges, low impact, high rep exercises. After 5 minutes, I was burning, my muscles were aching and I had a fair few beads of sweat running down my face (attractive, I know…!) I had to drop the 5kg weights and (sheepishly) pick up the 1kg – after a further 15 mins, I had to lose the weights all together! And I consider myself a pretty fit mama…!!

In between each set, Vern plays white noise  or chilled happy music which keeps all the babes happy – again, that was another surprise – circa 25 women, with 25 babies in one room – you’d expect mayhem – crying, screaming, poops, reflux… NOTHING. Not a peep. The rocking and the motion of mama doing her exercises, coupled with the music played, keeps baby so happy, relax and contented.

Give CARiFiT a go…it is a real workout and a real moment in your life!



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