Apply to train to teach CARiFiT

March 20, 2019

Are you passionate about postnatal fitness, have you a desire to come above and beyond to create and learn and teach CARiFiT and run your own CARiFiT classes? Well now you can apply to teach this unique class, learn our methods of movement and communication and take your postnatal offering to a whole new level.

You will get industry leading education in all the required elements that make a CARiFiT class the amazing environment that it is. You will be supported as you develop your own classes with fresh content, teaching and marketing support and access to regular Founder led online workshops with CARiFiT creator Vern Hill.

We are looking for the best of best and as such to teach CARiFiT and be invited on a course you need to apply by submitting the form below. As course places open up you may be invited to take up the offer of a place and really delve into the detail of what our course entails in terms of training, costs and launching your own class.



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