Born in London, CARiFiT is the brainchild of Vern Hill an ante and post-natal fitness expert and father of two. Supported by a team of industry professionals, as well as doctors, midwives, physiotherapists and babywearing experts.


Meet the Founder

Vern Hill

CEO and Founder

Vern has a background in sports science and a passion for helping clients achieve their goals. Having spent the last decade specialising in postnatal fitness, Vern is a true postnatal specialist, working with lots of new mums that have struggled to find the mental and physical time to get active. Vern developed CARiFiT to deliver good quality, engaging programming for new parents that allowed them to exercise with their child; recognising the host of benefits this provided for both parent and baby. Vern is a level 3 qualified ante and postnatal specialist and a trained babywearing peer supporter.

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