March 13, 2017


The ‘babyman’ – By Vern Hill

That was my nickname for a while on Wandsworth Common where I was based as a personal trainer specialising in post-natal fitness.

Why? Well because often I had one of my client’s babies – sometimes 2 of them (1 front -1 back) strapped to me in a carrier of sling so whilst I put mummy through her workout – and so for a while it stuck – Have you seen the babyman!

You see for me babywearing was always an incredibly natural feeling – something I did long before I had my own children (more on that another time!) it allowed me to engage with the baby and it allows the babies to engage with us and what was going on. So, they weren’t just popped in a buggy or a bouncer getting just glimpses of mummy and just fleeting moments of her attention. They could see the world, drink it up and bonus they had this new but rather happy and relaxed man chatting away to them as it was them in charge of running the session. In all my time doing this I can honestly say – and many mummies with now rather large children will testify that the babies were always content, engaged and responded to, they were not having a workout fitted in around them – they were part of the workout.

I believe – and this is my opinion only – that babies want to be held, they want to feel the warmth and security they get from being on a person, that it makes them feel safe, secure, listened to, and responded to. My wife an award winning early year’s teacher of extraordinary skill and understanding used to encourage me to mimic their noises and as such many wonderful conversations were started much to everyone’s amusement and to the participating baby’s excitement (try it next time you get a babble…mimic it like for like and watch the eyes come alive and the chat flow).

Eventually I stopped demonstrating squats, lunges and so on whilst wearing someone else’s baby and formulated CARiFiT so that parents everywhere could enjoy a proper, post-natal, medically approved workout whilst babywearing themselves. CARiFiT is not like any other post-natal workout, with us you don’t need to use a crèche or childcare, so no separation or separation anxiety for either of you! You don’t need to try and fit in a workout around a nap time or cross your fingers and hope that baby will be happy for 30 minutes in their buggy or bouncer whilst you get on with your own thing, most of all you do not need to worry if what you are doing is SAFE and APPROPRIATE for a post-natal workout, we have done that for you!

I take huge pride and pleasure when people start our classes in London or at home online all over the world – to read their messages and see the joy and ease at which both parent and baby take to our sessions is wonderful – and why wouldn’t they love them…after all – find me a baby that doesn’t love a cuddle!

You can join us and get your babywearing fitness adventure started by CLICKING HERE

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