March 30, 2017

Exhaustion. Isolation. Anxiety. Pressure. Fear. Sleeplessness. Anger. Resentment. Detachment.

These are not great words. They are even worse experiences.

They are however common emotions that can be associated with the early days, weeks, and months of parenthood – they are just the ones that people choose not to talk about or to admit to having felt…but believe me at some point every parent will have experienced moments of some of them.

They can affect both Mum and Dad and they can be crippling.

So why would you add the pressure to exercise – to get back into shape into that pile…and yet so many people do – and so much that we are all exposed to in the media tells you that within weeks you should look like you were never even pregnant in the first place. This is so very very wrong and it is dangerous to boot – leading people into making poorly informed choices when it comes to working out safely after a pregnancy. Believe it or not HIIT isn’t the answer to every single fitness dilemma.

Well I say NO to that pressure and to those that push it upon new parents. You are experiencing a magical time but one of great change and great excitement – you will be feeling emotions that you have never felt before – indescribable love, passion, an urge to protect like you didn’t know existed and your body will be feeling different too, take some time to get to know it again.

So, when it comes to fitness please be realistic, be sensible, be pragmatic – fitness should not be a top priority immediately after the birth of your baby – at some point and you will know when it will become important again – AND IT MUST.

It must because of all those scary words at the top of the page. It must because it is PROVEN to help relieve or combat every single one of them. Exercise is AMAZING – it can boost the mood in minutes, its uses energy but creates even more, it sets pulses racing and yet calms nerves, it wakes you up and yet it helps you sleep!

Couple that with the well-researched and documented benefits to both parent and child of babywearing and that is a whole host of reasons you need to give CARiFiT a try and include our workouts as part of your post-natal fitness regime.

What’s more we don’t want you to snap back into shape – we encourage you to ease back in and suggest 6 months from your starting date as a safe and sensible timeframe to return to full fitness and beyond.

But most importantly make sure that whatever you choose to do exercise wise is safe, postnatal appropriate and if you aren’t sure then seek advice

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