July 22, 2017

What sets CARiFiT apart.
Social media is a wonderful thing…we use it every single day and have made many great connections via it.
Increasingly we are seeing the rise of the babywearing workout as an option for new mums everywhere and seeing people of all types, backgrounds and a range of qualifications or lack there of sharing workout ideas.
So what’s sets us apart from your enthusiastic but unqualified social media poster…
When we are creating our post natal safe baby wearing workouts we always run through the same checklist for every single movement that we use within the workout, whether its a live class or you are using our workouts at home they are governed by the same principles , principles based of 20 years experience of training post natal women, experience of raising our own babies and experience of being a babywearing peer supporter and working in collaboration with leading babywearing experts and brands.
1. Is the movement safe for the post natal body. 
All of our sessions are low impact, promoting great form, correct postural alignment and respecting the process that your body has just been through to create, grow and deliver your wonderful new baby.
2. How will the movement improve the functionality of your body.
All our movements are designed to help strengthen your body for the new demands now upon it. Breastfeeding, buggy pushing and endless cuddles are all new positions and stresses on your muscles so we aim to get you strong in all the right places and take strain off some of the common weak spots in the postnatal body.
3. Are we using the core at ever opportunity.
All our workouts aim to promote recruitment of your core muscles to help improve any diastisas recti and to build tangible functional strength from the inside out. Of course many new mums are concerned about the outward appearance of their tummies post birth and all our core and abdominal work is done standing to minimise the chance of doming and to create a lean strong and stable midsection. Function comes first…atheistic always follows!
4. Will the movement get the results ladies want.
All our movements are tried and tested and based on the combined experience of over 20 years changing bodies in the fitness industry. Just ask any of our live class ladies or look at our Instagram or Facebook feed and you will know immediately that the workouts will challenge you and will change you.
5. Check and check again.
Finally when our movements are selected and sequenced into our workouts we have them checked by a team of doctors, physios, midwives and of course baby wearing experts to make sure that everyone is thought of and angles and aspects of each movement have been considered for both mother and baby.
So enjoy all the wonderful #fitspo out their but always make sure it is SAFE and APPROPRIATE for the post natal body x
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