CARiFiT’s Tips To Wet Weather Success

February 5, 2019


The days are currently pretty cold and wet and the nights seem pretty cold and dark! Getting out and working out can seem even more challenging at this time of year when you have a new little miracle to care for and all that wet weather gear to constantly keep dry!

Whereas the warmer weather makes it all the easier to get out and exercise, the cold and wet certainly makes it a little more challenging! No better time to start exercising at home, at a time that is convenient to you and fits around your baby… a perfect time to start using CARiFiT ViRTUAL and you can sign up HERE


To help you with keep focused we have come up with some simple and easy to implement health and fitness “tips” to ensure you stay on track!


1. Remember “little and often”, any movement helps and builds up over a day!

2. Put a little less sugar in your daily tea & coffee. Over time your taste buds will adapt and youll be able to enjoy your morning coffee with less added sugar. To help with this try some honey instead of sugar!

3. Try and include veggies in your diet every day as part of your meals. They are not only great for you but they are also very filling!

4. Try eating beans as a means of carbohydrate instead of pasta or rice.

5. Carry a bottle of water with you in your bag/in the car. When it is there it is easier to remember to reach for water. Staying hydrated is very important.

6. Try a CARiFiT workout out!

7. Need some ideas for snacks during the day? Be prepared and get some raw carrots peeled and chopped on a Monday for the week! Nuts and seeds are also great to snack on.

8. Take time to relax!

9. Take some time for yourself – your life just got fairly crazy…take a moment to pause for thought, reflect, plan or simply chill!

10. Work out with a friend, what better way to spend a morning that doing CARiFiT workout with a friend before coffee! Working out with a friend can help you both stay motivated.


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