Apr 5, 2018

BOOST your mood!

Boost Your Mood

Our top 5 tips to help you boost your mood and energy in those early months.


  1. Nutrition is crucial in those early weeks and months after giving birth. Try and pick protein over carbs, you will feel at times you need a sugar hit but it will only mean you have a worse post sugar crash if you indulge. Try protein rich foods that will give you energy. Check our mood boosting recipes blog.
  2. Try and steal catnaps where you can. Sleep deprivation is no fun, so any chance you may have to even have a 20-minute nap try and take it.
  3. Drink lots of water! Dehydration is an energy sapper and can make you feel very lethargic. If you are breastfeeding you will also need to consume addition water. Try and have a bottle of water in the house at arms length to drink throughout the day and always try and bring a bottle in your baby-changing bag to remind you to drink on the go.
  4. Try and limit your time on your phone/laptop especially at night as this can suppress your body’s ability to secrete the sleep hormone melatonin. Try it and see if you notice the difference!
  5. Squeeze in even 5 minutes of movement or a nice walk where you can. Exercise is great for mood boosting as it releases endorphins that will help lift your mood. CARiFiT is just the thing, even if it is a short 12-minute workout or a short core workout…you can get started HERE

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