CARiFiT has been carefully created for mothers with babies aged six weeks to nine months old and encourages the reintroduction of exercise, as well as an opportunity to get closer to your baby whilst working out. The routines focus on restoring your core, strengthening your overall posture, toning key areas and increasing your heart rate, by using a mixture of interval training techniques.

Created and designed by pre-and-post natal specialist Personal Trainer, Vern Hill, in collaboration with global fitness expert, Vicky Mahony, CARiFiT has been certified by top industry and medical professionals.

CARiFiT is available LiVE at health clubs across the UK or via our ViRTUAL platform bringing all of the benefits of this unique workout straight into your home.

We want all our mothers and babies to be Happier, Stronger and Closer.

Meet the Founders

Vern Hill

CEO and Founder

Vern has background in sports science and a passion for helping clients achieve their goals through fun and results based programming. Having spent the last decade specialising in post-natal fitness and building a thriving personal training business in London, he has developed a reputation for results driven training.

A true post-natal specialist; working with lots of new mums that struggled to find the mental space and physical time to get active, Vern saw the gap in the market for good quality and engaging programming for new parents that allowed them to exercise with their child.

Over the past 2 years Vern has developed the innovative and accessible CARiFiT – allowing parents to participate in a familiar pre choreographed workout and improve their fitness whilst building stronger and closer connections with their baby, supporting happy parenting and reducing the incidence of separation anxiety and post-natal depression. To that end CARiFiT has recently been identified by leading mental health charity Pandas Foundation as a force for combatting post natal depression. CARiFiT has been observed by a host of leading medical professionals all of whom strongly endorse both the physical and mental benefits to the CARiFiT workouts.

Vicky Mahony

Chief Operating Officer

With a background in exercise science and programme development; and nearly 20 years working in the health and fitness industry, Vicky has been involved in developing and delivering cutting-edge global adult and children’s education; programming and content to clubs, fitness presenters, personal trainers and instructors.

Vicky has created, implemented and ensured the quality of new product and services in the UK, Europe, EMEA and US; working with some of the largest fitness brands in the world.


“CARiFiT is the perfect functional exercise class for new mums, helping to restore the body and accounting for all the bodies needs post birth.”



“The benefits to both mother and baby whilst taking a CARiFiT class are enormous. Physiological benefits aside the mental health implications are incredibly positive, removing the isolation and upheaval commonly associated with new mums. Exercise wise the class ticks all the boxes, low impact and promoting good posture and alignment throughout the body.”

Dr Nishel Patel, GP Senior Partner

Head of Maternity and Midwifery services, Denham Medical Centre commented,

“CARiFiT is a wonderfully safe and well thought out reintroduction to exercise post birth, beyond the physical benefits it has huge positive implications to the social and emotional well-being of new mums and their babies.”

Dr Eleanor Smith

General Practitioner commented

“With over 15 years in the Fitness/Wellness Industry, I have worked across many different fitness practices and personal trainers in my time, but when Vern approached me with this fantastic concept I knew it would be popular with new mums, but also hugely beneficial to them. It was important that we took into consideration the babies and how they would react to the class, as well as making sure the mums benefited too.”

Vicky Mahony

Co-creator and Quality Assurance of CARiFiT commented