5 reasons to wear your baby on holiday!

May 25, 2018

5 reasons to wear your baby (and toddler) on holiday…


Let’s start with the obvious, I am a massive fan of babywearing, I am a trained peer supporter, have recently completed my consultant training, a dad of 2 and am the guy that came up with CARiFiT. Prior to having my own children I have worn clients children to facilitate their postnatal PT for 15 years…………………….so I LOVE IT.

Whether you are into it or not you need to realise a few things about wearing your baby on your holiday that will simply make life easier!

  1. Airports.

Right let’s ditch the buggy at check in and let’s get real. You are going to navigate an busy airport far quicker and calmer if your baby is right there on you, or if your toddler is engaged and on you and truly part of your journey. How many times have you seen children fighting with buggy straps in some queue or another, wear them, chat to them, let them see you, AND if they need to nap – they will. You also won’t have to hold them in one hand whilst you collapse your buggy in the other at the gate!

  1. Transfers.

So you have navigated the airport and now you have a strange short bus ride and flight of windy steps between you and your seat. Luckily you have worn your baby so aren’t the person straining with hand luggage in one arm and consoling/restraining a child in the other because you are a hand’s free beacon of calm with a relaxed engaged child reading your every cue and babbling happily about airplanes.

  1. New places.

Children can be thrown by new places, people, sights and smells so why not give them a first look at it from a familiar place and one where they can watch and take reassurance from your responses and reactions to your new environment. It is now well researched that and documented by the Journal of Peadiatrics that worn babies cry less and form better attachments. Learn more at www.carifit.co.uk/ergobaby

  1. Mobility.

Exploring the places that you visit is surely one of life’s great joys and doing it with children reimagines the experience all over again. But when you want to be speedy and take a go anywhere approach a buggy can be restrictive and cumbersome whereas a carrier or sling is an explorer and little explorers dream. So strap them on and go and explore that great wide world together, see what they see, talk about it and marvel at it together.

  1. Tired children.

I don’t go anywhere without a carrier…and this is the main reason. When they get tired or need a break or just need a cuddle I can meet that need by just pulling our Ergobaby out of our rucksack. I can stop a tantrum in a second (they are tired not suddenly naughty) and I can keep our day moving even if little legs are ready for a rest. Most of all I can be on the receiving end of those wonderful tired sleepy cuddles that I know I won’t get for much longer, the long blinks, the funny last throws of conversation and then the gorgeous warm sleep right next to my fit to burst heart.


So yes I am biased. Yes I am a not so undercover babywearing nut. It will not last forever, nothing with children does, but my goodness I plan to enjoy it whilst it does.


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